13 Free Web Design Tools

December 19, 2018 by Jenny West

Do you want to add more value to your website? These free tools and resources from the design community can help developers deliver more efficiency towards your web app development.


  1. Logo Lab

Logo Lab is a reliable tool used to test logos. Just upload your logo, then you will be presented with different visual experiments that can test important factors such as silhouette, balance and scalability. Through this, you can identify if the logo needs some improvement.

  1. Linksplit

This tool allows users to make shortened URLs. When clicked, these shortened URLs can distribute traffic evenly to different other URLs when clicked. Linksplit can help you evaluate the effectiveness of every variation through the analytics platform.

  1. Shipstreams

Shipstreams is the perfect resource for programmer live streams. It can effectively help you to view webcam feeds and desktop streams for inspirational workflow and process tips.

  1. You Don’t Need WordPress

Image result for wordpress clipart

Do you want to build a blog using only Google Docs? You Don’t Need WordPress can help customize shapes, colors, tables, and everything else to transfer posts. All you need is an account in Google Drive.

  1. Drafta

Are you looking for a platform where you can store project screens? Make a webpage sitemap, and then upload the screens with different resolutions and states. Through this, you can collect feedbacks from your teammates and clients.

  1. Galio

Galio provides users a certain framework to make an entirely functional mobile application in just a few minutes.  It has a vast selection of pre-designed templates with ready-to-use components and features.

  1. DesignBase

This tool has a curated database composed of free resources for web designers. Look for colors, stock photos, fonts, mockups, illustrations and kits that match your preferences.

  1. ChatkitImage result for Chatkit

Chatkit is an efficient tool that can integrate messaging into your app. Messaging matters a lot in every business. Increase your users’ productivity, and keep them engaged through chat.

  1. Colorblindly

Colorblindly is a reliable extension that can help build websites by simulating the entire experience users have on webpages. It utilizes a CSS filter over webpages, changing color ratios depending on the actual type of color blindness.

  1. Landing Templates for Startups

Landing Templates for Startups has four free landing pages created by Davide Pacilio. Its templates, namely Agnes, Evelyn, Ava and Holly, suit all types of startups. These are easily downloadable and customizable for both commercial and personal use.

  1. Zipsell

It is a free, self-hosted and open-source platform for selling ebooks, software and other digital downloads. Customers can pay using their Stripe accounts, and get an expiration download links.

  1. Machine Learning University (Amazon)

This platform provides the exact same machine learning courses utilized to train Amazon’s engineers. It has around 30 self-paced, self-service digital courses for 4 key groups: data platform engineers, developers, data scientists and other business professionals.

  1. Trendy Palettes

Trend palettes has an open collection of different color palettes. Every palette is made by Trendy Palette users. All of them are free to use, and are on display at Trendy Palettes’ homepage

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