Can Small and Medium Businesses Benefit from Mobile Applications?

December 21, 2018 by Jenny West


In the first years of the best smartphone app development revolution, only large companies are able to craft an application for their business, leaving small and medium business owners behind. That is because they have the luxury to do so and they are reaping the benefits and taking the lion’s share of the pie.

However, in this day and age, small and medium business owners can have an app created for them thanks to the sheer number of developers that are already available. There were only a few back then which meant that competition wasn’t stiff and they were able to jack up the prices because of that.

But, with the inception of app builders and a slew of new and talented developers coming, there really is no reason for a company not having an application.

There are actually two types of apps that businesses should look into and these are the customer-facing apps and the applications that are meant for internal use only. I will go over the two of them so do read on.

Customer-facing Apps

This type of app is essentially a tool that communicates directly with your client. This can be in a form of an e-commerce or retail app that allows your customers to buy directly from it or it is an app that provides the other services that you offer.

There is a lot of reasons why you want to create customer-facing apps such as:

  • Increase Brand’s Visibility- According to a report that was conducted Q4 of 2016, people spend more than 3 hours on a smartphone each and every day, and that is on average. This means that there are some people that could also spend more than 3 hours on their portable devices. Even though there is a chance that they will not use your app often, at least, people would take notice of it once it is installed in their phones.
  • 24/7 Access- People do not have the luxury to go to brick and mortar shops probably because of time and location constraints. Therefore, an app that your customers can use at any time of the day would be greatly appreciated and thus, increasing your revenues.
  • Customer Loyalty- Most loyalty programs give physical cards to your customers. However, cards can be lost so why not utilize the digital space? You can now create a digital profile for your customers so that they can still save up some points whenever they start purchasing from you.

Internal Use Apps

Another type of application that requires careful consideration would be the internal use only apps. These are apps that improve the lives of your workers as they can work remotely without ever having to go to the office.

In fact, that is actually true. In 2016, Automattic, a WordPress affiliate, has closed down their huge office building because they found out that asking their employees to work on the go using their own computers and smartphones is more efficient than having to maintain a huge building full of employees.

Other than that, it improved communication across the board and the company was able to recoup the expenses in just a few months.

So basically, you can never go wrong with choosing either of these apps. The former can increase your revenue and customer count and the latter helps improve work efficiency. Definitely a win-win for small and medium business owners.

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