Is A College Education Necessary To Become A Good Website Developer?

January 30, 2019 by Jenny West

We are living in a time where some jobs do not require an education from a university. Is this true for Web Development?

Web development is slowly taking the world by storm. In this day and age, more and more people are thinking of gaining a career in web development in Malaysia as well. The salary packages are attractive, and flexibility is very much possible. Do you want to work from home or become a freelancer? Then, you can explore these options if you are web developer.



Do you need a degree to become a successful website developer?

The answer is no. You don’t need to have a university degree for a web development job. There are various ways to approach yourself offline and online. Work hard, and then acquire all the knowledge needed to begin your web development path.

Choosing a related degree in college wouldn’t hurt either. Studying in a university usually provides a smoother, better structured learning experience.


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How can you educate yourself to become a website developer?

One of the most effective ways to teach yourself web development? Enroll yourself in a boot camp. By joining a boot camp, you can compress the most crucial aspects of programming into a comprehensive course that can teach people to begin in junior web developer positions.

Aside from boot camps, you can also enroll in online courses, and review all by yourself. All you need are reliable books that can teach you the fundamentals.



In order to become a successful website developer, you should devote yourself to endless learning. Whether you enroll in an online course, or earn a university degree, it wouldn’t really matter. What truly matters is your passion and determination to succeed in the industry. The web development industry is a challenging industry, so you need to strive hard.

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