The Perfect Mobile App Development Scenario

March 21, 2019 by Jenny West

The Perfect Mobile App Development Scenario


Creating a mobile application from scratch is no easy task. Although using different programming languages and frameworks are huge tasks in and of themselves, app success seems to be an almost insurmountable task for many companies.

You see, your app’s success relies on many factors- from your application having a solid feature set to the marketing and promotion of your own product.

So in this article, I will talk about the perfect mobile app development scenario so that you can follow this as your guide to make your own mobile application more successful.


  1. You must first start by looking at a particular niche. Study the competition there and see if you can make an application much better than the already existing ones.
  2. Analyze your competition’s metrics- from how many times it has been downloaded and installed down to the customer feedback. Oftentimes, users will give useful feedback for you so that you can implement features that are not already present in your competitor’s offering.
  3. If you want, you can even try out your competitor’s app yourself so that you will know firsthand about their pros and cons.
  4.  Collate everything that you can about your competitions’ apps. Next, add features that are not already present in an application. It doesn’t have to be truly unique, but you may have to provide an all-in-one solution instead.                                                                                                                                                                         Mobile App
  5. When developing your application, it is not needed that you implement all of the features at once. You could start with about 2-4 core features and then safely add the others at a future time.
  6. Start by creating an application for only one mobile platform. There are many reasons why you want to do this. First, a native application provides the best performance. Second, it takes far fewer resources to focus on only one mobile platform than to cater to all of the users. Third, it is much more feasible on your part to spend your money on creating for only one mobile operating system, at least, for the time being.
  7. Create wireframes and mockups to ensure that the mobile app developers will know exactly how to execute your vision.
  8. I would highly recommend that you develop your own application in-house. The reasons for this are plenty. For one, doing it in-house will allow you to oversee the entire app development operations. Two, it is much cheaper to bring everyone in to work in your application. Third, you can trust the developers to not leak any information about the app while it is still under development.
  9. Always study the app store guidelines to ensure that you are not creating an app that violates its rules and  regulations.
  10. Think about the description of your application. Make it as descriptive and as concise as possible. It would greatly help if you include screenshots and even a video of your mobile app in action as well.                                                                                                                                                                                App cost
  11. Set the right pricing model for your app. Subscription-based models are pretty popular these days, but providing them with a lite version for now and then pay for a more premium one later is also a feasible thing to do.
  12. Once the application is on the different app stores, always look at the review section. If there are any bugs or features that your customers want you to fix or add, then do so.



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