15 Important Questions You Should Ask to Your Potential Web Designer

April 24, 2019 by Jenny West

Are you taking on another website design project? If you want it to be successful, you better choose an experienced, passionate website designer. Below are the important questions you should ask him or before signing the contract.

“What type of support do you offer after the website goes live?”

Inquire about ongoing monitoring and maintenance packages. What if your website suddenly stops working, or gets hacked? Will the website designer provide some routine backups.

“Do you begin from customized websites or templates?”

If he or she is starting from a template, ask about licensing. Also, research if a lot of local websites have the same exact template. Will he or she update the templates, or give support if gets broken?

Can you send me a list of sites that you have designed previously?

Ask the designer to give you live working examples of the websites he or she worked on for other clients. Screenshots and mockups won’t do. By seeing the website live, you can have a sense of that professional’s attention to detail.

“How much will you charge? What are your payment terms?”

Do you have a preferred payment method? Check if you will be required to pay a fixed fee for the entire website, or if you will be charged per hour for all of your requests.

“Will I have a central contact, or project manager?”

Collaborating with an efficient team can be effective, but having one central point of contact can also be helpful.

“How many rounds of revisions am I allowed?”

Ask about the limitations of revisions and edits. Can you make some edits at every stage of the website design project, or will you be allowed to make revisions at the very end?

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